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Founded in September 2011, The Town End is a weblog covering all avenues of the world-famous Lancashire outfit, Preston North End FC. It is run by one 18-year-old Prestonian and aims to publish news, rumours, match reports and opinion pieces of a high quality.

It is in no way affiliated with Preston North End, The FAThe Football League or The Town

Rory Cocker | 18 | Preston

I have a prodigious interest in football and videogames, and I hope to one day write about them for a living. As a relatively young North Ender, I’m not as well versed in Town End lore as your average fan might be, but I share the same passion and enthusiasm regardless.

Despite attending the majority of home games since age 12, the 2011/2012 season is actually my first as a season ticket holder, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

I’m a Proud Prestonian and have applied to do some voluntary journalism covering the 2012 Preston Guild celebrations, so hopefully I’ll be involved with North End in some way during that time.

The Town End is my second blog project, my first being a modestly successful Nintendo-centric videogame blog. I now run a multiformat videogame website over at The Pixel Press. These blogs are my way of building a portfolio of work, polishing my writing skills and giving myself something to do.

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